We’re celebrating the public shift in consciousness to a focus on fitness with a solution to match of our very own. Our Gym Vending machines are designed to complement any and all lifestyle changes.

There are plenty of incredible recommendations for healthy foods that can be made, but many of them fall short in one area – sheer convenience.

We offer only the most suitable products for visitors to your gym. The items inside the machine are carefully chosen and can be tailored to suit your customers in particular. If you’re mostly focused on weights, the items can reflect this. Conversely, if your gym offers mostly group classes or cardio workouts, we have plenty of choices for you too. From protein shakes to low-fat yogurts, we’ve got all the sports nutrition options that you could possibly need.



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Choose from leading vending product brands

Provender caters to a range of palates and carries healthy, low-calorie snacks as well as more indulgent treats.

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Musashi Protein Bar Peanut
Aussie Bodies Arvo Bar Peanut Toffee
ON Protein Bar Choc
ON Protein Bar Pretzel Toffee
Aussie Bodies Smoothie Mango Banana
Musashi Protein Shake Choc
Musashi Protein Shake Choc Carnitine
Musashi Protein Shake Espresso
Aussie Bodies Smoothie Strawb Pom
Cool Ridge Water
ON SHake Cookies and Crm
ON Orange Water
Amino Recovery Watermelon
Brutal Energy Passionfruit

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